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Resultaten: 1 - 20 van 37
Resultaten: 1 - 20 van 37
  • DIGITAL COLLECTION | Roaring 2020s
    1 sep 2020 - 31 dec 2020 00:00 - 23:59 Evenement
    We proudly present to you all: Roaring 2020s, a growing digital (art) collection, in which VOX-POP gathers reflections on the roaring year of 2020.
  • From what will we reassemble ourselves
    5 sep 2020 - 3 jan 2021 Evenement
    'From what will we reassemble ourselves' brengt zes hedendaagse kunstenaars, een team van onderzoekers en een architect samen om na te denken over de vraag van de Kroatisch-Bosnische auteur Jozefina Dautbegović: uit ...
  • EXHIBITION | Humanities Ever After
    28 okt 2020 - 5 feb 2021 Evenement
    Once upon a time, in a not so far away place called Binnengasthuisstraat, VOX-POP was born. It was a scheduled delivery, nonetheless it was a very intentional and idealistic one. VOX-POP was created to stimulate new ...
  • Dissertation Defense: Nadia de Vries
    2 dec 2020 14:00 Evenement
    Digital Corpses: Creation, Appropriation, and Reappropriation | Supervisors: Esther Peeren and Ellen Rutten | Wednesday 2 December 2020, 14:00 | Aula – Oude Lutherse Kerk (Singel 411) | University of Amsterdam
  • Digitale lijken: creatie en bezit
    2 dec 2020 14:00 Promotie
    Mw. N. de Vries promoveert op het proefschrift: 'Digital Corpses: Creation, Appropriation, and Reappropriation'. Promotoren zijn prof. dr. E. Rutten en prof. dr. E. Peeren.
  • Dissertation Defense: Melissa Rombout
    2 dec 2020 16:00 Evenement
    How to do Things with Pictures in the Museum: Photography, Montage and Political Space. | Supervisors: Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes and Sophie Berrebi. Online, 2 December, 16:00 hrs.
  • Fotografie, montage en politieke ruimte in het museum
    2 dec 2020 16:00 Promotie
    Mw. M.K. Rombout promoveert op het proefschrift: 'How to do Things with Pictures in the Museum: Photography, Montage and Political Space'. Promotor is prof. dr. C.M.K.E. Lerm-Hayes. Copromotor is dr. S.Y. Berrebi.
  • La lutte continue: The Activist Spectator in The Battle of Algiers (Pontecorvo 1966)
    3 dec 2020 17:00 Evenement
    English Department Lecture by Dr Erica Sheen (University of York) organized by Emelia Quinn. Please register at e.j.quinn@uva.nl.
  • CEDLA & NALACS Lecture: Threats to academic freedom in Latin America
    3 dec 2020 17:00 - 18:00 Evenement
    While academic freedom and university autonomy are legally and constitutionally recognized in Latin America, efforts of governments to undermine it have become a major threat to democracy in many countries in the ...
  • "The great criminal, however repellent his ends..." Critique of Criminality
    3 dec 2020 18:00 Evenement
    Koshka Duff (Nottingham) is the next speaker in the Critique of Violence Series organized by Daniel Loick. Thursday, December 3rd, 18.00 h, on Zoom
  • CANCELLED: “The great criminal, however repellent his ends” – critique of the production of criminality
    3 dec 2020 18:00 Evenement
    Third session of the online series Critique(s) of Violence with Koshka Duff, Nottingham
  • CEDLA lecture: The Sexual Question: A History of Prostitution in Peru, 1850s–1950s
    4 dec 2020 16:00 - 17:00 Evenement
    The creation of Lima's red light district in 1928 marked the culminating achievement of the promoters of regulation who sought to control the spread of venereal disease by medically policing female prostitutes. Its ...
  • Verhalen over gelijkenis en verbeelding
    4 dec 2020 16:00 Promotie
    Dhr. T. Schoonen promoveert op het proefschrift: 'Tales of Similarity and Imagination: A modest epistemology of possibility'. Promotoren zijn prof. dr. F. Berto en prof. dr. A. Betti. Copromotor is dr. P.M. Hawke.
  • Theology and Religious Studies: Western Esotericism
    Current Issues with Irene Zwiep
    7 dec 2020 16:00 - 17:30 Lezing
    Irene Zwiep will give the lecture ‘When Law and Custom Become Religion: The Invention of Judaism in the Late Enlightenment’ in the programme Current Issues in Religious Studies and Western Esotericism.
  • 2020 [N]OAP dag - Online
    11 dec 2020 14:00 - 16:45 Evenement
    New members of the Amsterdam Center for Language and Communication present their research during the [N]OAP DAG 2020 (‘Nieuw, Oud Amsterdams Peil’).
  • Performing Moving Images: Access, Archives and Affects
    11 dec 2020 14:30 - 16:30 Evenement
    On Friday December 11, the Moving Images: Preservation, Curation, Exhibition research group will host Senta Siewert (guest researcher at the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis).
  • PhD defense: Brian Hübner
    14 dec 2020 17:00 Evenement
    Brian Hübner, ASH PhD candidate, will defend the dissertation entitled '“The Ghostly Shadow” in the Archives: Creating and Recreating the Hamilton Family fonds at the University of Manitoba Archives & Special ...
  • Archiefcase van de oprichting en recreatie van het Hamilton Family fonds
    14 dec 2020 17:00 Promotie
    Dhr. B.E. Hübner promoveert op het proefschrift: '“The Ghostly Shadow” in the Archives: An Archival Case Study of the Creation and Recreation of the Hamilton Family fonds at the University of Manitoba Archives & ...
  • ASCA Film Group: Costumes, Fashion and Early Cinema
    15 dec 2020 00:00 Evenement
    The 15 December online session of the ASCA Film Group will feature a German silent film from Max Mack, selected and introduced by Bianka Scharmann
  • Logica van keuzevrijheid, onfeitelijkheden en normen
    15 dec 2020 12:00 Promotie
    Mw. I. Canavotto promoveert op het proefschrift: 'Where Responsibility Takes You: Logics of Agency, Counterfactuals and Norms'. Promotoren zijn prof. dr. F. Berto en prof. dr. S.J.L. Smets. Copromotor is prof. dr. A. ...